Urban Ethnic Bags was founded with an artistic spirit and a high-minded objective: to offer designer bags at revolutionary prices, while paving way for local artistry.

Here’s our story.

It was the late 2000s and Ms. Urvee Shah, the Founder and Creative Designer of Urban Ethnic Bags, had recently completed her post-graduation in Textiles to turn her love for bags into a career as a bag designer. A bag lover at heart, Ms. Shah  set her  foot in the world of bag designing with her startup, Urban Ethnic Bags in 2009.




Every  idea is born from insight. As the founder being a bag enthusiast herself, it wasn’t hard to find ours. Which was, spotting the huge gap between the demand and supply ratio of designer bags in the Indian market . Though the journey of Urban Ethnic Bags began from solely manufacturing and retailing jute bags, the company found its true purpose when we decided to bridge the availability gap of designer bags among Indian women with a socially conscious business. We challenged the resourcefulness of technologically advanced brands with the uniqueness of our hand craftsmanship. We brought into the limelight the beauty of underrated local artwork by glorifying niche ethnic embroidery on our designer bags.

Earlier when designer bags were only associated with high-end brands, it almost seemed quite impossible for a small business like ours at the time, to intervene and circumvent the industry. But we made an exception, as we weren’t just a business of purpose, we were a business with plans. It was a simple brand with customer acquisition strategy of 3Rs, to stay Real, Relevant and Relatable to our target audience. 

We came in like a breath of fresh air in the world of modernized fashion. Our target audience relates to us, as we sell designer bags which have been generally and popularly westernized, in designs that are ethnically pleasing and traditionally appealing. A sweet escape for fashionable women of Urban India, who value their ethnic roots. 

Through the customization of products, we grew the flexibility of our brand. Making a customer feel unique, is what will get you a unique place in their heart and our product personalization strategy booked us that spot and brought us closer to our customers more than ever. The words of one of our dear customers, “Urban Ethnic Bags turns your imagination into reality” bears testimony to the determination, thoughtfulness and creativity channelised behind the creation of each and every product of ours.

Urban Ethnic Bags has always stood for a better tomorrow. As our business has quite flourished in the past 12 years and our work being recognized on big platforms such as Big FM 92.7 and Femina Magazine, we believe that our journey has just begun

Our destination is the upliftment of Indian craftsmanship and the recognition of local artisans on a global level through our brand identity. Our roots are traditional but we aspire to be recognized and appreciated worldwide. And we are ready to make that happen with our customers by our side and Urban Ethnic Bag by theirs!